Revelation, inner healing and action for ambitious female entrepreneurs in sales & service.

…stop the hustle,
heal your shi*t,
dominate your 2022.

You’re in the right place if:

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I’m here to show you step by step how you
can BE ALL that you are meant to be!

Val Gallagher Testimonial

"I’m telling you, I know that I can manifest anything that my heart desires as long as I continue to heal these wounds. Thank you!"

Talk about massive energy that gets exuded!

– Val Gallagher, NJ Realtor

"...put a plan in place to manifest the life I want."

Gina helps you see things in a different light, a different perspective that allows you to become aware of what holds you back. Having this new awareness has helped me move forward and put a plan in place to help manifest the life I want for myself.

– Ileana Serrano

Ileana Serrano Testimonial
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Getting what you want starts with knowing where you are and where you want to go.


Love and honor yourself by healing emotional wounds that keep you playing small.

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Upgrade your beliefs to match your Core Truth. Create an action plan so you’re sure to get there.

Why will YOU do ALL OF THIS?

Because you are destined to be the next level of yourself, and do it with ease, flow & WHOLE BODY ALIGNMENT.

blowing smoke up your ass but, I assure it is NOT!


An inner healing intensive for ambitious female
entrepreneurs in sales and service.

Confidence to DREAM BIG

Clarity to make BOLD MOVES now

Formula to SLAY YOUR 2022!!!

…and the cure for gettin the F* out of your own way!

Kelli Brack Testimonial

"Working with Gina was crucial to me in growing my business."

There is no one like Gina to help you find the Power of a Positive Mindset! Working with Gina was crucial to me in growing my business, prioritizing and organizing my goals, and finding such a great new outlook on the future – both professionally and personally!

Kelli Brack
Financial Advisor

Jenn Green Testimonial

"Thank you, Gina for another does of your genuine spirit, expertise and empowerment!"

Every woman can benefit from your instruction, and I wish they would! I love that you can be all at once a cheerleader, teacher, nurturer, and call us out on our shit. I gained so much during our coaching sessions (yet again) – things I can put into practice immediately AND remind myself to do daily to shift my mindset to then shift my behaviors and enhance success. You rock!

Jenn Green
Be Alined Professional Organizing

AnnMarie Demarco Testimonial

"Working with Gina, I gained clarity and power to overcome what was holding me back..."

Thank you for working with me to help me find and release my true inner-self. You used compassion, humor, self-reflection, and excuse free dialogue to help me reprogram old out-dated disempowering beliefs. Working with Gina, I gained clarity and power to overcome what was holding me back personally and financially.

AnnMarie DeMarco
Owner The Sparkle Clean Squad

Imagine how good it will feel to:

I’ve helped dozens of ambitious entrepreneurs
experience more success (and MORE FUN!)
in their life & business.

That’s because when you take time to HEAL from the inside BEFORE getting into 

action mode…

You make new CHOICES on a conscious level.

And new choices create new results!

Slay Your 2022 will not only help you identify, heal and

upgrade your old conditioned thoughts: You & I will also

custom design your personal 2022 action plan! 🎉

Plus, accountability check-ins for 14 days too!!!


Discover & release internal blocks

– everyone has them!

Heal old emotional wounds

Feel into your Whole Body Wisdom

Step into alignment with your core truths and actions





Jessica McGowan Testimonial

"I now say YES to the things that bring me true happiness in life."

For the first time, I can finally say I’m living for ME. Gina has taught me so many amazing tools to learn how to not give a shit what other people think – that’s their problem, not mine! I now say YES to the things that bring me true happiness in life. I’ve learned how to “block out the noise” that doesn’t serve me. None of this would be possible without Gina’s love, support and guidance.

Jessica McGowan
Mom, Wife, & Teacher

Chrissy St. Marie Testimonial

"It’s been so powerful
to truly make subconscious changes!"

Chrissy St. Marie

Jacqueline Bancroft Testimonial

"Working with Gina, I gained clarity and power to overcome what was holding me back..."

Working with Gina has and will continue to change my life in amazing ways! She’s full of fire and grit and pours her whole self into helping you find success and self love all while making it fun! Truly amazing!

Jacqueline Bancroft
CEO Healthy Bancrofts


…is the new hustle, yo! 😉

You’ve got this & I’ve got your back!

Loud. Proud. Fun. Energetic. Body Wisdom Coach.

I’m also a mom of three, wife, friend, sister, daughter, entrepreneur and lifelong learner.

I believe deeply that the difference between impossible and possible exists in our mind.

What I teach people is to find the answers within themselves. To go on a healing journey and draw their awareness to their awareness to the center of their bodies where their Core Truth lives.

I'm here for you.

And I promise to be authentically me, so you can be authentically you.

You’ve got this & I’ve got your back! 😘

You’ll never hustle your way to the top.

But you can sure as sh*t 

HEAL your way there.

I'll show you how.

You ready?! 👇