Show up for yourself as the WICKED WEALTHY WOMAN you truly are

It’s time to heal–not hustle–your way to success.

Gina Marie | Wicked Wealthy Woman

The work is real... (but it doesn’t have to be heavy!)

Do you feel trapped in a constant loop?
Are emotional addictions dragging you down?
Is something deep-seated preventing you from making changes?

Here’s the good news: You are the problem…AND the solution. This means that the answers you need are within you.

When we work together I’ll guide you inward toward those answers. Together we’ll uncover your subconscious blocks, all while making it fun along the way! We’ll chip away at old habits with new skills that you can put into practice, so your wicked, worthy self can emerge.

I’m Loud. Proud. Fun. Energetic. And Excited for LIFE!

Listen… I am a passionate person. I’m excited about people (like you!), and about helping you unleash and activate your unlimited potential.

We do this with the many modalities I have learned over the years. I’ve earned my B.A. in Psychology and have earned certifications and licensed in top notch methods and techniques. Specifically Certified Mindset Coach, Licensed Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT), Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Practitioner of T.I.M.E. Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certified Breath Coach, Certified Master Mind Magic Practitioner, and Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach.

Gina Marie | Wicked Wealthy Woman

These tools are what comes together for your holistic success.

Yes, this is work. BUT I infuse fun!

The energy is infectious. The joy when you achieve is my joy as well. I’m here for you. And I promise to be authentically me, so you can authentically BE you.

You’ve got this and I’ve got your back!

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WICKED is a huge word. It’s powerful. It’s everything you deserve at your core.

Your wickedness is your non-negotiable truth. It’s okay to want more. It’s okay to believe you are worthy and capable. And it’s okay to want a lot of fucking money, too.

For example, imagine…


Here’s where you can briefly explain what this service is all about.


Here’s where you can briefly explain what this service is all about.


Here’s where you can briefly explain what this service is all about.


Here’s where you can briefly explain what this service is all about.

With neuroscience, energetics, and mindset tools designed just for you, the possibility of bringing out the wicked best in you is closer than ever.

Curious to know how those all work together? Keep reading…

Introducing the “Holy Trinity” of Becoming Your Wicked, Wealthy Self in mind, body, & soul

In my experience, personal development often sounds good on paper, but in real life it’s like one step forward….and then two steps back.

Know what I mean?

This is because most personal development is one-dimensional–it’s overly focused on the mind and ignores the fact that you’re a whole person.

Enough of that!

Here’s what REAL, 3-dimensional growth actually takes:

Deep-level Conscious Mindset Work

How to consciously choose thoughts that support your growth and obtaining your every desire.

Subconscious Inner Work

The rewiring of your mind to create new empowering beliefs that make it easy to achieve all the things!

Energetics Throughout Your Body

Learning your body is your alarm, speaks to you and has all of the answers. Connecting to and becoming one with yourself.

I work with you using all three dimensions of our "Holy Trinity."

We focus on tiny, incremental, 1% action steps that we create together.

Here’s the powerful thing that happens when this trinity is all working holistically:

Doing exactly this in 1% increments normalizes your body to these new ways and this high energy compounds over time. 


Gina Marie | Wicked Wealthy Woman

We work through science, intuition, vulnerability and let’s-do-this spirit!

This is called synergy, and the results are E-P-I-C.

Gina Marie | Wicked Wealthy Woman

Wicked Wealthy Woman Podcast

Each week, discover and unleash the Wicked, Wealthy Woman you are inside because once you do, you’ll be able to dream BIG, Believe BIG, and BECOME BIG. Personal development can be heavy, but on this show we’re going to infuse it with FUN.

Energetic Blocks Assessment

Discover which energetic block is holding you back. Do this assessment RIGHT now and free yourself from the blocks that are holding you back. The key is to figure out exactly what type of energy block is hindering your progress so that you can bring awareness and clarity to the situation. 

Holistic Success Coaching

Join me for The Expansion Experience: a 12-week LIVE group program featuring MIND MAGIC® that will teach you how to use your mind as the magical tool that it is to support yourself in showing up as the unstoppable wicked, wealthy woman that you are.

Discover which Energetic Block is holding you back!

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