The most WICKED WEALTHY WOMAN in the world, can be YOU!

Gina Marie | Wicked Wealthy Woman

Your unlimited potential is about to be unleashed.

Yup! It’s possible – keep reading… 😊

When you stop taking life so seriously, and infuse some fun, your energy levels soar. Don’t let the pressure of having a “Pinterest board life” push you into overwhelm.

It’s time to resist the busy-bee bullshit, go internal and get cozy with who you are–flaws and all.

Because here’s the wild part: You are both the problem AND the solution. When you take control of who you are, that’s when growth begins. So don’t fear the process – it can be enlightening AND exciting!

I’m Gina Marie–your Holistic Success Coach.

I teach you how to play with the universe to co-create the business and life you truly desire, all with more FUN, FLOW and EASE!

Think of me as your personal powerhouse who wants to help you become your best self. I’m a sought-after success mentor, speaker, certified mindset coach and Licensed RTT Practitioner who launched Wicked Wealthy Woman for clients like YOU.

I have the skills and knowledge to unlock, unleash, and untap your real potential so you can achieve all that you desire. Through my methods using neuroscience, energetics, and somatic work you’ll gain massive clarity and build insane amounts of confidence to design, create and live your wildest dreams in business and life.

It’s time for you to try out my raw & real meets fun approach to coaching so you can get the hell out of your own way!

Get ready to make small changes for BIG results!

Wicked is a huge word.

It’s powerful. It’s everything you deserve at your core. Your wickedness is your core truth. It’s okay to want more. It’s okay to believe you are worthy and capable.

My story & why I do what I do…

As a child I had a BIG imagination and always had many interests. I’d play “teacher”, dream about being a famous actress, or performer. I’d even dream of starting my own school or church. Creating a concept everyone would love and want to come to! The one that got me most excited was having my own business and being an entrepreneur.

At 12 I had a paper route making bank, then at 17 I signed up for my first business in a direct sales company. This would become the first of MANY businesses I owned.

These entrepreneurial ventures led me to discover coaching and I WAS HOOKED. Coaching was the perfect way to combine my love for teaching and my business-savvy side. I jumped into the deep end and got certified in a wide variety of programs and coaching techniques.

I also returned back to school to get my degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Resources. I LOVED learning how to understand human behavior patterns, and still find the human brain SO INTERESTING and powerful today.

Gina Marie | Wicked Wealthy Woman

But while these personal development programs and degrees were good, after a while I started to feel stuck.

I craved something deeper–more answers, more truth. In order to get there, I realized that I needed healing from my past.

I started to see myself, and my background, differently. I saw that my parents had a lot of potential but died too young and with too many regrets because they didn’t believe in themselves. I noticed how my mother put everyone else first, neglecting herself in the process. And I saw how my dad carried bitterness to his grave, regretting how he couldn’t express his love. They didn’t know what they didn’t know and did the best with what they had!

But now, we know and have resources to live a different and more empowering way.

Gina Marie

So I dove deeper into even more trainings and learned the key to EVERYTHING is going INTERNAL! To heal, rewire,and reprogram my mind and body.

This means living life to the fullest, enjoying and appreciating it by having a deep understanding of everything that is happening for you and your highest good. Of knowing your core truth.

There is more to life than what society tells us.

We are here to do massive things, break boundaries, and help others realize their potential.

I am leaving a Love Legacy™.

A few fun facts about me…

I’m a karaoke queen...

Who can’t carry a tune and doesn’t care.

I hug trees.

for real.

I am fiercely loyal.

I believe in YOU & your potential.

I believe that:

There’s always time for dancing-every single day.

I curse a little.

Or maybe a lot (er…you might have noticed…)

I’m a proud mama

Of 3 amazing humans.

My personal development healing journey...

Has changed my life.

Celebrating ourselves =

Hugely underrated.

Enough about me, I want YOU

to experience the sense of relief you’ll feel when you finally understand exactly what has been keeping you from your big dreams and desires…and how easy it is to change it!

It’s not “just you.” It’s not just “the way you are.” You get to be WHOEVER you want to be. And this includes:

The first step is to join me in a HOLY SHIFTING of your mindset by working with me.

Gina Marie | Wicked Wealthy Woman
Gina Marie | Wicked Wealthy Woman Next Steps

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